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Hello thar. [Mar. 8th, 2011|05:44 pm]
[music |Some soulful ass Drake]

I haven't posted on here in forev. Here, look at this:

Or this:

Or you could go to my tumblr and get constant updates because I like tumblr a lot more:

In other news, I am unreasonably hungry.
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Warpaint poster [Dec. 10th, 2010|12:40 pm]

I gotta go print this one off special later today. Oh and now I just have to go and print stuff off to transfer onto stonehenge. Oh jeez.
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It's fake band posters! [Dec. 9th, 2010|02:37 am]
[music |Wolfgang Gartner essential mix.]

Textures are funnnnn.

I miss when I used to have feelings. Now I'm just this robot thing.
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Blind [Oct. 25th, 2010|08:42 pm]
Illustrations for a book project.

I've got to step my game up mann.
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Stuff that's made me go crazy recentlyyy [Sep. 24th, 2010|02:48 pm]
[Current Location |WORK]
[music |Warpaint]

Look at that floating frame!

Look at that mock up comic!

Oh my goodness I have had no sleep this week!
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Look at my lifeee [Sep. 23rd, 2010|12:31 pm]
[Current Location |work yo]
[music |Tool]

Illustration for my class, for this articles about prisoners with quilts. There was text on the right side, but I prefer to present it without text if possible (the title text was pretty baller though).

Fake cover for Zero, because I'm making a half issue to enter into a exhibition here at my university. I got all the pages formatted, I just need to print them. Doody.

I have to screw in my painting of the kids into a sweet ass frame today, along with make my mini comic (only one), print out some illustrations and mount them, and then after that I'm going to fall the hell asleep for like 12 hours in a coma. Then I'm gonna work and go home tomorrow and it's gonna be pretty neat.

I got up at like midnight last night after a 3 hour nap so I could study for this exam, didn't start studying till like 4, and I think I made a B. That would be swell.

I also had a dream yesterday that had spiders in it, and then I woke up and saw a spider in my pillow. Then it disintegrated in my pillow, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't real. I hope.
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Dear self publishing comic making friends [Sep. 10th, 2010|03:30 pm]
I need some help with making my comic myself. I just want to make an issue or two but I have no idea what I'm doing. If you could give me some advice on printing issues (how the hell do you double sided prints!?), tips of the trade, etc., that would be awesome. Thanksss.
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